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Why Do we say "Customers"?


Well? Why *do* we call them Customers? Why not consumers, like the state? Or clients, like an agency? Or patients, like a doctor’s office?

We use the word “Customers” because they ARE our customers.  We are a business.  We provide a service. In our case, our service is training and encouragement and, technically, Day Habilitation. And just like the guy who fixes your furnace or cleans your windows, we have customers who PAY for our service.

Sure, the money does not usually come directly out of their pockets, but it is THEIR money.  It is money allotted to them by the State of Missouri, to PAY for the SERVICE they receive. A customer is someone who pays for a service or product.  Therefore, they are customers.  But for us, they are not just customers…they are Customers.

Why the capital C? Capital letters signify importance.  Proper nouns are capitalized.  Our Customers are important.  They are important to us.  They are important to each other.  They are important to our partners.  And they are important to the world. 

They are not consumers—taking in or using something without return.  They are not clients—as we are not lawyers.  They are not patients—because we are not doctors. They are our Customers. Deserving of all the respect and understanding that title demands.

They are our Customers and we strive to provide them with the best Customer Service possible. They are our Customers and the Customer is always right. They are our Customers and they teach us as much as we train them.  They are our Customers and they help brighten our days. They are our Customers and we are their Trainers, their Caregivers, their advocates, and, above all else, they are our Customers and we are their friends.

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