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Project:Golden is the next of our "new" Projects that we will discuss here.  Customers who have reached the age of retirement or who are considered "geriatric" in the medical world (that is an OLD word for a YOUNG age...ages 55+) are offered the chance to participate in Project:Golden.  

Project:Golden was created to allow our Customers to "age in place," and to continue receiving Services from us and with their existing friendships without the placing the all of the full day training demands the younger Customers on them.  Don't get us wrong, training plans are still in place.  Maybe we are still working on appropriate social skills or maybe we are working to maintain mental health and memory or perhaps we are helping those Customers to remain physically active. 

Throughout each day, those Customers participating in Project:Golden are given the opportunity to engage in leisure activities or rest time during pre-scheduled times.  These Customers are encouraged to engage in activities that others their ages are also doing: going to get coffee at Hardees in the morning, visiting a Senior Center, volunteering in the community, going shopping.  We also given them a chance to participate in an exercise group that is designed specifically for older adults.

Do you know an older adult who has the DMH Community Support or Comprehensive Waiver who would like to participate in this type of Service? Contact us and we will be happy to help!!

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