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What do we do?

What we do goes so much deeper than just, “how do we do the crafts?” or, “what art do we make?” or, “what’s the next recipe we’re going to follow when we cook?” What we do encompasses the entire being…the whole person. So, what do we do?

We provide. We provide friendships. We provide support. We provide assistance. We provide advocacy. We provide challenges. We provide futures. We provide…opportunities.

THAT is what we really do. We provide opportunities. Opportunities to explore what may be. Opportunities to find out where our passions lie. Opportunities to engage in activities we wouldn’t normally do. Opportunities to be independent. Opportunities to feel empowered. Opportunities to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Opportunities to be members of our communities.


So, what do these opportunities look like? They look like running in Forest Park. They look like photography at the St Louis Zoo or at Laumeier Sculpture Park. These opportunities look like making dog treats for rescue dogs and toys for cats in those shelters or foster homes. These opportunities help our Customers make full and healthy meals instead of just microwaved snacks. They teach our Customers how to make purchases…and how to make friends. They show our Customers that they can have a job…no, a career.  That they can have something more than piecework pay. They can have something more than janitorial duties. These opportunities help our Customers find their voices so they can speak up, literally and metaphorically speaking, and finally be heard by others who support them and their needs.

dog treats.jpg

We provide opportunities for volunteerism and serving those less fortunate in our community.  We provide opportunities for artistic expression and visiting an inclusive art studio each week. We provide opportunities for shopping and gaining independence.  We provide opportunities to dance, to read, to watch, to learn when we visit our local library’s each week.

Why, if we’re providing the opportunities, do we call them Customers, then? Come back next Tuesday and we will let you know!

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