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Support Innovations uses our exclusive Projects Model to provide support, training, and opportunities for growth to each of our customers, individually.  Our service is made up of 8 Projects:


art for art’s sake, only those truly interested in completing quality artwork take part in the Project; artwork may consist of painting, mosaics, drawing, multimedia approaches, vocal or instrumental music, dance, photography, etc.


for ages 55+, Older Customers might need a little extra structured “down time” or activities directed to people of those ages; exercise groups catering to older adults


identifying Customers who are on a career track and then assisting those customers in gaining the necessary hard and soft skills to obtain competitive employment


encompasses all things mind and body; exercise to videos, walking or other exercise in the surrounding communities and neighborhoods; unique and individual workout plans; cooking and designing nutritious meals; yoga; meditation


all things good to the earth; recycling, upcycling, and Terracycling; gardens and plants


allows some flexibility in scheduling to assist families or residential staff with scheduling daily activities or occasional appointments and still allowing the Customer to receive all of his or her allotted service time


working with anything involving technology and computers; working on keyboard and typing games, mouse skills games, internet searches, journaling, free typing, newsletters


gives the opportunity to each customer to volunteer both in their community and in their Centre in supporting the charities, nonprofits, and causes of their choosing; provides valuable work experience; gives each of us a sense of purpose

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